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When permanently clearing your internet history, it is important to realize you will probably delete cookies and login information also. Find the option to clear internet history in your internet browser with help from an IT consultant in this free video on computers and the internet.

Expert: Christopher Noble
Bio: Christopher Noble is an information technology entrepreneur and professional photographer who was instrumental in building two successful IT companies.
Filmmaker: Antonio Villagomez

Series Description: Computers and the internet can be used to download videos, chat and make websites. Learn more about connecting to the internet and using the internet and computers with help from an IT consultant in this free video series on computers and the internet.


The Internet Archives Wayback Machine is being blocked by many of Indias net providers.


This week we range from ancient history (for the Internet, anyway) to the latest in 3D printing and smartphone innovation! Jeff shows off how he modified his Gmail to get a preview pane view for more productive email flow, plus reminds us we can check on how the web used to look using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Amber spotlights the soon-to-come-to-market YotaPhone 2 with two “front” screens, and Lara shares a resource for finding free wifi, plus the sweet Palette 3D printer add-on from Mosaic Manufacturing. Enjoy!

Ep0131: Gmail Preview Pane
Ep0132: The Palette 3D Printing Tool
Ep0133: Dual-Screen YotaPhone 2
Ep1034: Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Ep0135: Directory


Go back in time with these NBC News archive clips from 1994 and 1995 when the "World Wide Web" and Internet were mere mysteries. See what Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel, Tom Brokaw, and Bill Gates had to say so many years ago.
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Flashback! The Internet In 1995 | Archives | TODAY


Este video completa este post:

Como no voy a seguir utilizando este método de posicionamiento, dejaré en ese post todo lo que sé y todo lo que utilizaba para montar redes de blogs.

En este caso:

Tienes que descargar y ejecutar lo siguiente:
3- Ejecutar Ruby
gem install wayback_machine_downloader
wayback_machine_downloader URL --timestamp 0123456... (adapta esto a lo que quieras descargar, el timestap es opcional, si no lo incluyes descarga la última versión)


A feature-length adaptation of My Immortal, by Tara Gilesbie, a fan-fiction widely celebrated as one of the worst the internet has to offer.




Second Channel:



Life Online is a free gallery at the National Science and Media Museum. It explores the social, technological and cultural impact of the internet.


RECAP -- Michael Lissner, Free Law Project

Rhizome projects -- Dragan Espenschied, Rhizome

Archive-It Researcher Services -- Jefferson Bailey, Internet Archive

Social Feed Manager -- Daniel Chudnov, George Washington University Libraries

Tools for Time Travel -- Jack Cushman, Berkman Center for Internet and Society,

Harvard University

Conference program website:


Nuclear war, cat gifs and reddit? Wait, what?

Who was the genius who came up with all of that? The internet is such a crucial tool in our daily lives today that we hardly remember that it hasn't been here forever. But yeah, it is actually not that old. We still have fuzzy memories about the time before the first thing in the morning was to check email and browse our favorite blogs and youtube channels. Well, let's explore how the internet came into existence and why.

And another Kurzgesagt video that isn't depressing! Don't get used to it though.

We funny comments at the end of the video are real comments from real people, from old YGS Episodes from Jacksfilms:

The MUSIC is available here:

Thanks to Max from Moby Digg for the cat ;)

If you like the MUSIC of the video, you can get it here:

Next Video: May. Topic: Nuclear Energy

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Who invented the Internet? And why?

Help us caption & translate this video!